Directions from the Kansai International Airport to Aioi

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(1) You are at the international arrival lobby at the Kansai International Airport

Arrival at the Kansai International Airport

(2) Exchange money to some Yen at the exchange service of Kansai airport.

(3) Buy ticket and Take the "Haruka" Express Train

Take the express train "Haruka" from the Kansai Airport rail station and change to "Shin-Kansen" at Shin-Osaka station. You need to go to the "JR(Japan-Rail) Ticket Counter" at the Kansai Airport rail station. Then, buy a ticket to Aioi station. Just three words "Aioi, Haruka, Shin-Kansen" will take you to Aioi. The station staff speaks English reasonably well. You can add "non-reserved or reserved seat" "one-way or around ticket"(For around ticket, usually valid for two days from the date of purchase) if appropriate. It costs about 6000 yen. Credit card can be used. Haruka leaves every 30 minutes from Kansai Airport station.

Follow the sign "Railways" (1)

Follow the sign "Railways" (2)

Follow the sign "Railways" (3)

JR Ticket Office at the Kansai Airport station

Passenger gate of the JR Kansai Airport station

(4)Change trains at Shin-Osaka

 It takes about 50 minutes to Shin-Osaka station. There are many platforms at Shin-Osaka, you have to go to the form (usually 20,21,22) which the Shin-Kansen to Aioi or Himeji leaves. The Shin-Osaka station is very confusing.The best way to find the platform is to ask to the station staff who can speak even poor English. Show your ticket, they will take you to the proper form. Most difficult part of trip to SPring-8 is changing trains from Haruka to Shin-Kansen at the Shin-Osaka station.

Haruka (this one is bound for Kyoto via Shin-Osaka)

Follow the signs for the ShinKansen at Shin-Osaka station

There are three types for Shin-Kansen, Nozomi, Hikari and Kodama. Since not all trains stop at Aioi, the choice of the Shin-Kansen is very important (all Kodama trains and some Hikari stop at Aioi). It takes 60-70 minutes from Shin-Osaka to Aioi. If you take Nozomi or non- stopped Hikari, please get off at Himeji Station and change to Kodama or some Hikari stop at Aioi.

Sign of Himeji Station

(5) Once you reach AIOI

As you arrive at Aioi station, please head to the bus terminal to take the bus to SPring-8. The bus terminal is located on the South side of the Station. Every bus to SPring-8 shows "SPring-8" at the front of the bus. Just in case, please ask to the driver whether the bus goes to SPring-8. It takes 40-50 min. to SPring-8.
For schedule of train and bus, please see
(you can also find a link to general Shin-Kansen schedule there)

Sign of Aioi Station

(6)Get on the bus for SPring-8

For the bus from Aioi St. to Spring-8, the cost is now 710 yen. Please make sure you have small changes before you take the bus at Aioi St. The bus has a bill exchange machine, but only 1000 yen bill is available. You pay the fare when you get off. (Note: if you get on at the first stop, then you do not need to get anything. If it is not the first stop, then you should take some ticket when you get on, to indicate where you got on. (So how much you must pay. Generally Aioi St. is the first stop. ) The prices appear on the board at the front of the bus.

!!!NOTE!!! Sep. 18th (Mon) is National Holiday
<<For Weekends/National Holidays>>
Last two buses (19:54 / 20:21 leave from Aioi St.) do not go to SPring-8, the destination is "Harima-Kagaku-Koen-Toshi" We will arrange transportation between "Koen-Toshi" and "SPring-8" for participants who took these busses. We will bring the car around to the "Koen-Toshi" at 20:29 and 20:56. We regret to tell you that we will not pick you up at Aioi St. and this arrangement is available only 18th night. If you missed the last bus to SPring-8 or Koen-Toshi, you can take a taxi from Aioi St. The cost will be 5,000yen - 6,000 yen. Or there is a reasonable Hotel "AIOI STATION HOTEL" near Aioi St. so you can also stay there and next morning take a bus to SPring-8.

<<For Weekdays>>
Some buses leave in the early morning and the final bus (21:22 leave from Aioi St.) do not go to SPring-8, the destination is "Harima-Kagaku-Koen-Toshi" You have to walk up to SPring-8 for 30-40min. Please contact to the front desk of Guest House, if your arrival will beyond 22:00. TEL 0791-58-0933 Please see about the details for Guest House.